Meet Amanda

Amanda is a Washington state licensed esthetician, Reiki master, and yoga instructor. She loves the outdoors, crossfit, running, biking and wandering into the beauty of the Northwest. She has competed countless events including off-road triathlons, marathons, half marathons and crossfit competitions..  She is passionate about living a healthy, growth focused existence and sharing her gifts with others. 



Amanda has been an esthetician for fifteen years. Her career into skin care developed from a genuine love for people. Her desire to help others started at a young age always looking for ways to show kindness to those around her. Amanda’s esthetician career began at Habitude Salon and Spa where she spent 10 years and quickly rose to the spa’s the top esthetician. As she progressed in her career, she began to feel energy emanating from her clients. This translated into perusing training and become a Reiki master through Eileen Dey's Reiki Training Program. This form of energy work allows Amanda to be a conduit for the healing of her clients. Amanda values credibility and wisdom and constantly seeks out continuing education. In 2013, she traveled to Thailand to complete her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training. She completed her bachelor’s degree in 2016 at Washington State University in Social Science then went on to study Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry and Biology in 2017 at North Seattle Community College.  In 2018, she became a certified Yoga Tune Up teacher and became a Certified Level 1 Crossfit trainer in November of 2018.

During her career as an esthetician, Amanda's interest in skin care and how to heal the skin expanded to wanting to know how to heal the physical body as well as the energy body. The skin is the physical body's barrier to the outside world! What is going on the inside of a person shows on the outside and circulates around the entire being. While Amanda's focus is treating the skin, her intention throughout her services is to cultivate inner an peace that radiates outwards. 

I love Amanda at YoMo. We call her the brow whisperer. I was treated to a birthday surprise by my husband last week. Amanda did my brows (wax and tint) as well as a facial. My skin feels (and looks) great! Amanda has such a great presence and makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable.
— Janice L. via Yelp

In my experience, facials aren’t really a relaxing spa experience — they somewhat painful, but the job gets done and you look good afterwards. My facial last night with Amanda was completely different — it was completely and utterly BLISSFUL. She must have magic hands — even the extractions felt good! I’ve never been so relaxed in my entire life.
— Jenni C. via Yelp

My reiki sessions with Amanda have been rewarding, surprising, and totally renewing. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but Amanda’s warm guidance and post-reiki talks made me feel absolutely comfortable even though the experience was new to me. I look forward to each session eagerly, and afterwards, there is a lingering, marked difference – the lift in my spirit and body lasts for days or more.
— Anna J.