YoMo Philosophy



YoMo is about you. YoMo is your sanctuary away from the world. Illuminate your beauty from the insight out with a service at YoMo. You have time you. You have time for YoMo.

YoMo offers waxing, skin care treatments, reiki and yoga in a serene atmosphere. Here you can find the self-care necessary to refresh your mind, body and spirit. 

The philosophy of YoMo is to empower guests to find self-love and acceptance. Our society puts a demanding stress on men and women fit in a certain mold to be beautiful. When you don’t feel like you fit into this confining definition of beauty, one can end up feeling not good enough, constantly wanting and wishing to look different. Accepting how we are despite any perceived imperfections gives us the confidence to live our expansive life purpose that is far beyond anything we could ever dream of. Once we accept our imagined flaws, we are motivated to find what we can change and let go of the things we can’t.  Self-love is finding our own unique beauty and being proud of who we are no matter what anyone else thinks. When one commits to finding their own beauty, the heavy cloud of societal pressures lifts, clearing the way for happiness and creative self-expression.


The word YoMo spawned from Amanda’s quest for self-optimization. She started making yoga and mobility videos for social media that quickly turned to YoMo.  When the desire arose to open her own business, she had to face her fears and dig deep for the courage to go off on her own. She was constantly reminding herself of her motivation which was to break through her self-limiting thoughts to find her best life and best self.  YoMo became the question: What’s your motivation? We are all driven by the motivation to be happy. Amanda has found true happiness by aligning with her motivation and shares that with others through her services.


Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.
— Zoe Kravitz