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Can Stress Cause Skin Problems?

Stress can affect our bodies in all kinds of ways. We already know stress can be bad for our weight and our emotional health. But what about skin problems caused by stress? Doctors believe that stress has such a negative effect on our skin’s health, dermatologists have come up with a name for it…

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Hello, world! We're YoMo!

Hello, everyone! I am Amanda Stoker founder of YoMo, esthetician, reiki master, and yoga instructor. My heart felt passion is YOU! Following my love of humans, has evolved into creating a space for healing and wellness offering facials, waxing, reiki and yoga sessions. There is an inner goodness and beauty in all beings. My intention is to connect you to your inner divinity and enhance the radiance of your physical being so your light can shine confidantly to the world!

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